Park Place Christian Church
Our History
50th Anniversary Film On The History Of Park Place Christian Church
In 1958, First Christian Church and Highland Heights Christian Church appointed a joint committee to implement plans for a third Christian Church, located in the then rapidly developing area of the southwest part of Wichita Falls. A location was decided on, 4400 Call Field Road which was once a part of the historic Call Field Air Training Camp. During World War I, Wichita Falls had been selected as one of 5 locations to train pilots as the United States entered the war. Because of it’s mild weather and vastness, Call Field, named after Loren Call, a young pilot who had been killed in the war, became one of the earlier birthplaces of aviation in our country’s history. Park Place Christian Church is across the street from the only structure left from that period, the stable for the commander’s horse and the original little stucco cottage used by the church in it’s beginning was more than likely one of the buildings which was part of the original airfield.
Carrer pigeon handlers pose next to their motorcycles.
Call Field hanger no. 5
The Call Field flight line. Pilots are behind planes.