Park Place Christian Church
About Us
Park Place Christian Church Welcomes You!
In the Christian Church, there are two basic ordinances which we stress and observe: Baptism and Communion.
We practice baptism by immersion; however, we do recognize all Christian baptisms.
We celebrate Communion each Sunday around the Lord’s Table and no one is excluded from receiving the communion meal.
We Disciples believe in unity while embracing diversity. We affirm that we are not the only Christians, but Christians only.
We are Bible-centered, open, inclusive, and affirming. We are the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ.)
The Mission of Park Place Christian Church of Wichita Falls, Texas, is TO GLORIFY GOD!


• By dedicating ourselves to God’s will
• By proclaiming Christ’s resurrection
• By loving one another
• By praying
• By sharing experiences in both word and deed
• By being faithful stewards of what God has given us.


The results of the application of our mission statement will be:


• Motivation of personal growth
• Assurance of life everlasting for all God’s people

Selections from The Park Place Chancel Choir Album:
“Songs from the Chancel”
For Eternity

Let All The People Say Amen